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We’re off!! We will be spending ten days at this beautiful cottage. My daughter’s in-laws have graciously offered the use of their cottage for a week. Our entire family is going! A few of us will be staying at the cottage above.

Our youngest daughter moved to England a year ago April, right after they were married in our home. It was a charming civil ceremony. The fact that his parents were able to be here made it perfect. My daughter and husband planned from the beginning to have a church wedding in England. It was important to both of them that his Grandparents and sister share in the festivities. They’ve completed the requirements of the church, he has just finished his degree, they’re having a church wedding then heading back to New York City! This has be a big year.

The rest of the family will be staying just down the road.


Friends and family from all over the world will be flying in for this joyous occasion.

From there my husband, son and I will be hopping over to here!

We'll be in Paris four days. Little did anyone know years ago, when their relationship started one day our entire families would be partying out in the country in the "Lake District" of England.

While we're in the country celebrating, Coco will also be in the country getting a refresher course on good behavior. She has to be reminded she isn't the center of the universe so don't be so pushy. Stacey has done wonders teaching Coco and us what is NOT acceptable behavior.

I don’t have time to figure out what I did wrong causing the print to turn to blue. Sorry!
See you in a couple of weeks!!! Stay well.


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Old Glory

I hope everyone has a very nice Fourth Of July!!


We’re planning to stay close to home. I’m hoping the weather cools off enough in the evening so we can take a walk downtown. That’s the best time to window shop then go admire everyone’s gardens.

It’s been so hot here. I’m trying to make sure the plants get a good watering at least once a day.

Let’s just say this isn’t Coco’s favorite holiday.


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