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Welcome to my library.



I thought I would pick up on the topic Karen, from Garden, Home & Party, brought up in one of her previous posts. Yes, it’s taken me a bit of time to actually do this post. Anyway, I’ve always loved going to the library. One of my favorite memories was walking downtown to the library with my girlfriend and wandering around the library on a Saturday afternoon. If it was a really great Saturday when we also went to the five and dime and had a coke at the counter. That was a day when kids in first grade could go places without fear. So I’m really showing my age. I thought It might be fun to take a little tour of some of the areas in my home I keep my books.


In our previous home this was our kitchen cupboard. It held our everyday dishes. I now have it in our living holding some of our books. Normally the glass doors are closed. Which works out perfect to keep out dust, but doesn’t work so well trying to take a photo.


I also have little stacks tucked here and there.


Above are a few of the books I brought back from our trip to France. Well not the one titled “History Of United States. The little skinny ones that were easy to tuck in my bag and carry around the city on a very HOT day.


This is my favorite bookstore ever! I could spend all day here. Lucky for me they have nice cushy chairs for people to sit in and read. It feels more like a library than a bookstore. That’s where Mr. BP spends his time while I wander.



If you’re a book lover and ever in Cleveland, Ohio this is a must see destination. And this is the lady that makes everything happen.


And now that brings me back to my little home.


I have to run. Someone is telling me ENOUGH ALREADY! It seems its time for dinner. I’ll continue this another time. I’ll also need to work on how to link to Karen’s beautiful blog. I thought I better go ahead and post this now before I make more mistakes.



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So where were we?

That’s right Kari and Daniel walked off into the sunset.


And this guy,


our son, flew with Mr. BP and me to…


We had a great time taking in the sights, walking, walking,walking and


and lots of this!


I have to say at the time it all seemed a bit surreal. It’s funny how no matter where you go in the world with technology your everyday world follows you.


It seems one minute you’re checking on work while you’re walking down an alley in Paris,


then suddenly you’re picking up Coco from Meadow Run…then began the chore of reminder her there are rules around this place.


You settle back into the regular routine and before you know it its time for our grandsons to help their dad and Santa!!


I hope everyone has a very healthy, happy 2013.


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Where we left off..

The first photo is Mr. Butler’s Pantry and our oldest grandson. The next photo is our oldest daughter, SIL and their other two boys. We were waiting to board the plane to….
The Lake District of England. We had several days to enjoy the countryside and small villages. The break from our hot summer was a treat too. Then the day came why we were really there.
Our youngest daughter Kari’s church wedding to Daniel. As I said way back in a previous post they had a civil wedding in the USA one year before but the church wedding was held in England. This gave our family a chance to meet ALL of Daniel’s lovely family. What a day. The sun came out the temp. warmed up and the outside wedding reception was a tremendous event.

Then it was time for goodbyes.

I’ll continue the next part of our adventure tomorrow….I hope. I have every intention of posting tomorrow….I mean it. Please excuse the errors. I fear if I keep trying to fix this I’ll never get it posted!

Best Regards,
Also I started posting on facebook. I have a feeling I’ll do a better job updating over there.
It’s…. Kathleen Warren Carracher
If you have facebook and we’re not already “friends” I’d love to hear from you.

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