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Small Town Charm

Wooster, Ohio Courthouse…this photo is from their site.
Several WRBP readers are from Ohio living in other states and some still live in Ohio. So I thought I take everyone on a little tour of a small town in rural Ohio. I always enjoy reading about where other people live. I’ve learned so much about different areas from reading other blogs. I love reading about small towns. So much is already known about the usual large cities. I particularly enjoy seeing how regular people, like me, live in other smaller communities. Its amazing how much I still learn about Ohio and I’ve lived here 30 years. I thought I’d introduce this small town to those that have never been there, heard about it or haven’t visited there in years. There have been some big changes in little Wooster, Ohio!

This is a glimpse of the end of one of the downtown streets. I found this on their site too. The rest of the photos are my own.
Years ago Mr. WRBP and I visited Wooster. There were beautiful old buildings, but like so many small towns, most sat empty. It was kind of depressing. It was easy to see the town had to be very affluent at one time. I should explain surrounding the small downtown is farms. For years we never went back. Then for some reason…I can’t remember why… I was in the area with a friend. We were hungry so thought lets see if there’s a place to eat at near by Wooster. I can’t say I had high hopes. We discovered someone renovated one of the beautiful old buildings and there was a new bistro in town!!! We loved it. I should explain there’s a lovely old college in the town so the bistro was a great success. It’s was perfect for parents coming into town for visits. That seemed to get the ball rolling.
It’s now ONE of my favorite places to go that’s close to home.

This beautiful shop sells handmade tiles from all over the world. It makes me want to think up a new project just to use their tiles. Lucky for Mr. BP they close early on Saturdays so I rarely have a chance to go in.

Broken Rock
This is one of our favorite places to have lunch. They have the best flat bread pizza, soup and breads.

They have a Hungarian Bakery

The Saint Paul Hotel
This was recently renovated and once again a hotel. I’m pretty sure in its day it wasn’t exactly a European type boutique hotel. When the owner was renovating the hotel……that was in total disrepair….a local antique dealer told him he had something he thought he’d be interested in back at his shop. There sitting in his shop….across the street…was this beautiful stain glass window that came from a church in France. The old hotel was originally named the Saint Paul! Hence the Saint Paul lives again.
There a few more things I’ll show in the next post. I don’t want this to turn into a “You want to see my vacation pictures?” No not really haha
Until next time!!!!!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!!


I know I’m not doing a great job posting more often. I do think about it….often. Then something comes up and it gets delayed. I wanted to make sure I’d send off greetings for Valentine’s Day.


I thought I’d give a brief tour of ALL our Valentine decorations!


So yes this will be a very short post.


I used to have some wonderful tacky heart lights that I would string around our back door. It just wouldn’t be quite the same here. I find in old homes you can get away with more “artistic” touches than in newer homes. In the old place it looked fun and quirky like an eccentric old aunt. In this newer place it looks like you’re just plain tacky. And I strive NOT to have that look!!!!


This is the day for chocolate so indulge!!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day

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