We’re off!! We will be spending ten days at this beautiful cottage. My daughter’s in-laws have graciously offered the use of their cottage for a week. Our entire family is going! A few of us will be staying at the cottage above.

Our youngest daughter moved to England a year ago April, right after they were married in our home. It was a charming civil ceremony. The fact that his parents were able to be here made it perfect. My daughter and husband planned from the beginning to have a church wedding in England. It was important to both of them that his Grandparents and sister share in the festivities. They’ve completed the requirements of the church, he has just finished his degree, they’re having a church wedding then heading back to New York City! This has be a big year.

The rest of the family will be staying just down the road.


Friends and family from all over the world will be flying in for this joyous occasion.

From there my husband, son and I will be hopping over to here!

We'll be in Paris four days. Little did anyone know years ago, when their relationship started one day our entire families would be partying out in the country in the "Lake District" of England.

While we're in the country celebrating, Coco will also be in the country getting a refresher course on good behavior. She has to be reminded she isn't the center of the universe so don't be so pushy. Stacey has done wonders teaching Coco and us what is NOT acceptable behavior.

I don’t have time to figure out what I did wrong causing the print to turn to blue. Sorry!
See you in a couple of weeks!!! Stay well.


Old Glory

I hope everyone has a very nice Fourth Of July!!


We’re planning to stay close to home. I’m hoping the weather cools off enough in the evening so we can take a walk downtown. That’s the best time to window shop then go admire everyone’s gardens.

It’s been so hot here. I’m trying to make sure the plants get a good watering at least once a day.

Let’s just say this isn’t Coco’s favorite holiday.



So far my herbs have doing pretty well. Last summer the herbs were not worthy of taking photos. I had to come up with a different way to grow them when we moved to our tiny home with a tiny enclosed patio.


The first year I had huge pots on the patio. The plants grew like bushes! At first I liked it, but then it got to the point they were taking up too much space. It just looked like a cluttered mess. That’s when I came up with the idea to hang window boxes on the fence.

As you can see garden design is not one of my many talents! I had one basil plant left over so I just tucked it in here. It seems to like this spot. There have been times I’ve fussed over getting basil planted just right and ended up with a pathetic sprig with a few sad leaves. Note to self….just stick in a place that won’t look very attractive! My urns by the front door are planted with thyme and rosemary. This year I seem to be having more success.

I threw this photo in here just because I love this old bunny planter. He’s been around for years and has taken lots of abuse. I’m sure you’ve noticed the dead vine in the fence. I wanted a vine that would cover the fence. I like fences to be a wall of green in the summer. I was told this would do the trick. It did. BUT I wasn’t told you’ll never be able to sit on your patio again. You know how you read the honey bees are disappearing? That’s because they were ALL living in the vine on my patio! Sadly, out with the roots! I left the vine so the clematis, the new vine, can use it as a trellis. Hopefully, that will take off and cover that glaring wall of white. I would also love to have a brick patio….like we had at our old home. The one that needed lots of weeding and after every winter the bricks buckled and dipped and had to be pulled up and arranged again. That one! I loved it. Someone else didn’t.

I don’t recall the source of this beautiful picture.

I LOVE this patio! It has all the elements I want. Even the color of the house is fun! Isn’t it a riot how you see where that house ends and the next color starts. I imagine the homeowner has colorful personality. I just realized! No wonder I love this, it’s very similar to the colors of our old farmhouse. Oh now I miss it haha. Well, looking at it that is.

I hope your week is going well!


A stroll on the lake

Last Saturday Mr. WRBP and I decided to head north. It’s been a long time since we’ve visited this town, Vermillion. It felt like summer so we wanted to spend some time by the water. It’s right on Lake Erie. As soon as we got there,of course, we had to do what we do best…..eat!!!!


This is a cute little neighbor place. It truly has that informal old beach decor and menu. We’ve already discussed the next time we go back we’ll give this place a try. We have to plan these things!!


Mr. WRBP found a tee shirt at Barnacle Bill’s. It’s a really cute little surf type shop. My youngest daughter would go crazy, they have a colorful assortment of sunglasses. Very reasonably priced too!


A little farther down the street is this cute antique shop. They have antiques…well I guess that’s a given…sprinkled with a little bit of small new items. The shop owner makes reproduction furniture. The quality is very nice. It looks like antique furniture in nice condition. It doesn’t have the popular distressed appearance that you often see. If I’m going to buy a reproduction that’s what I prefer. We seem to distress things without any help.


Then we headed down to the marina and admired the boats. As you can see, the weather became overcast.



After that we found a bench and enjoyed the view before heading home. So that was our little get away. I’m sure we won’t wait another 15 years or more to go back!

Karen, here’s Coco showing our rug!! She was feeling left out.



Enjoying the view

The weather this past weekend was beautiful! It was really hot in the sun, but perfect in the shade. With such sunny skies Mr. WRBP and I headed south, mid morning, to enjoy the season. This is where we ended up!


Holmes County, Ohio. This photo is actually not from Saturday. Now the trees have all their leaves. It was a beautiful sea of green. This is exactly where we were though.

We usually avoid the large tourist areas and just like taking in the views. The back roads are the most interesting. It’s still a bit early so there wasn’t a lot of produce available. We did pick up free range eggs so that was nice. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to live this far out but it’s nice to be able to take a short trip to an area that is so different than our everyday world. The way the Amish work the fields is like watching art being created.

I really appreciate when a different mood hits we’re able to head north, not nearly as far as Holmes County, and we’re here!


WestSide Market, Cleveland, Ohio. One of the oldest markets that is still very much the same as it was 100 years ago. This place is always packed. The vendors have been there for years. It’s still the Mom and Pop businesses. It’s nice to see a different kind of tradition continue. Growing up in the city I can relate to this world more, but I love having both worlds near by.


We seem to spend a lot of time on the weekends checking out food!

How was your weekend?



This is just a short message to let everyone know I’m working on improving my blogging skills. If I have been remiss replying to anyone it’s out of ignorance. I appreciate everyone that is kind enough to stop by. This is quite a challenge for me….to say the least! I’m sure my social media son is having a laugh over this haha. I don’t know how anyone does this for a living!!! Just when I think I have it I’m back to the insane intersection.


I’ll learn to maneuver this yet.



Spread Eagle Tavern

I can’t believe how fast the weekend flew by. Mr. WRBP and I managed to slip in a visit to one (we have many) of our favorite places for lunch. It’s a bit of a drive, but well worth it. Isn’t the entrance charming? My favorite time to visit is when the weather is cold and they have all the wood burning fireplaces going. No matter what time of year the food is delicious.

I managed to get some business stuff accomplished, but really that’s a never ending project. Like so many of you, I have piles of things stashed in corners here and there waiting to get tagged and taken out to my booth. I keep thinking there has to be a better way. My problem is I have to see things to be reminded or it’s “out of sight out of mind.”

I wish I could say the same about a certain little COCO!! She never waivers from her post. She sits by the gate waiting for a visitor. In the midst of trying to get things done I have to stop and try to rescue chipmunks and moles. Little missy has a one track mind…get the critters!!


I hope you have a very nice week!


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