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I’m not going to mention its almost Easter and we still have snow flurries and we’ll be wearing our Christmas bonnets. No, I going to give thanks for all my blessings!

Just a short tour of our home this Easter.




To all our friends and family Happy Easter!!!!!


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My Favorite Chairs

I know I’m late to the party!! This is the first time I’ve ever joined a party and I’m late. http://thepolohouse.blogspot.com/ I know I don’t have it linked correctly, I’ll work on how to install it the proper way…I promise. Back to the party. This party is about favorite chairs. I thought, Hey I can do this one!!! So on with the show. The above chair I found at Habitat For Humanity for $10.00! That was before I hauled it to the guy how does upholstery work at the antique mall where I have my small booth. After I paid him then found this lovely little pillow that cost about as much as the upholstery job I have a lovely little chair. Make sense to me. Lets move on….

Now this chair I found at Goodwill. It’s was marked $8.00! I said YES!!! Then I found some Ralph Lauren fabric and again lugged it out to my trusty upholstery guy. Lets just say when I come to check on my booth he always comes by to say Hi….he may just want to see if I need something either refinished or reupholstered but I prefer to think he just likes chatting with me. I have to say he’s made every chair, that’s been falling apart, very comfy and attractive.

That brings us to this little chair. Yes I found this at a local thrift shop too. It was love at first sight. I know it has seen better days but I love the fact the wood is so worn on the arm rests. The seat also needed to be recovered but I actually was able to handle that job. Then I fell in love again!!

When I saw this one across the room I knew this cutie was coming home with me! It didn’t matter that MBP would need to glue it back together and it’s so dainty no one can ever sit on it! Who needs function when you have beauty? Hmmm I’ll need to remember that line when I don’t feel like cooking. I mean look at this!


So you don’t think I drag all my chairs home from reject aisles I’ve included this chair. I recently bought this chair to go in the corner of our bedroom…. NEW!! MBP was thrilled. Coco was devastated. She loved the old chair. You can’t please everybody. We’ve had a talk reminding her she is a DOG so she can deposit her hair in her own dog bed and like it.

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